Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Creativity with QR Codes

QR Code Generator - Kaywa codes can be used in creative ways in the classroom with your students. If you have students with smart phones or even iPods, they can download a free QR code reader app to decode these special codes.

In the QR Code Generator by kaywa, you can create your own message as "text" or even "sms". With kaywa you can also create a QR code that links to a specific URL.

Once generating these QR codes, you can copy and paste them into a document or even put them on your blog or website.

You can create a special lesson or activity that could get your students
using their qr code readers to get information that you want to give them. You could create questions and have the answers or hints to these questions hidden in the qr code. If you have them fill out their worksheet answers first, you could then let them go back through their worksheet with their iPod to check their answers by scanning the various QR codes on the worksheet itself.

Google, also has a QR code ge
nerator. It only
allows you to generate text codes. But also a very useful and easy tool in generating QR codes.

QR Treasure Hunt Generator

Another very useful QR code generator site is powered by It is designed to help you generate a QR code scavenger hunt to a series of questions and answers you enter in online.

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