Sunday, February 26, 2012

This has been one of the greatest online treasures that I have come across since I have been teaching in Alberta.

The mission of the 2Learn Education Society, "is to initiate, advocate and share with educators technology-enriched teaching, learning, and leadership options of tomorrow, empowered by unique alliances with educational and community partners.

I'm just going to point you towards the direction of the "Student Sites".  They are organized into 5 different levels.

Grade 1 - 2
Grade 3 - 6
Grade 7 - 9
Grade 10 - 12

If ever you are wanting to find some good online resources for what you are teaching (in the Alberta Curriculum), this is the place.  You don't have to search the Internet aimlessly.  They have found jewels of things and it is all nicely organized by grade level and subject area.

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